Personal Diddley Account

Diddley Personal Account

Terms & Conditions

• Term: Personal Diddley Account must comprise of at least 45 weekly/11 monthly payments of the same amount commencing from January 2020. The term will end on 30th November 2020. Payments will be made to members on December 1st 2020.

• The account is only open to members 16 years of age and over.

• Subject to lodgements of the same amount each week or month. Members can save as little or as much as they wish up to a maximum of €3,000 per Personal Diddley Account over the term.

• Only one Personal Diddley Account per member.

• Members must have a minimum share balance of €63.50 to avail of the product and retain this for the duration.

• Interest earned is credited to the Personal Diddley Account on a monthly basis.

• Interest accrued will be 0.5% AER over the term of the account. E.g. if you save €250 pm for 11 months, your total of €2750 will earn you €6.88 @ 0.5% giving you an overall accumulated balance of €2756.88.• Please Note: No Personal Diddley Account will be allowed to exceed the €3,000 limit. Please note that members cannot hold overall balances more than €30,000 each in Waterford Credit Union accounts so please choose your Personal Diddley Account balance to fit this criteria.

• In the event of a member’s demise during the term of the account all funds lodged to the Diddley account will be included in any final balance payable to the members nominee.

• Interest paid subject to DIRT at prevailing rate, except where members meet current requirements for DIRT exemption (Form DE1 completed).

• Should your loan account fall into arrears during the term of the Diddley, Waterford Credit Union will reserve the right to cancel the Diddley and the funds available used to offset the arrears.

• It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that all funds pertaining to the Diddley are lodged or received into their account in time for the weekly or monthly transfer to complete. E.g. (All weekly funds to be received prior to the Saturday and all monthly funds to be received before the last day in any calendar month.) This may require you to review your Standing Order, Direct Debit or payroll.